The Teacher’s Approaches in Teaching English Literature Component: A Systematic Literature Review


  • Nurul Nadiah Nawawi International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
  • Farhana Mohd Kamil International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)



Systematic Literature Review, Literature components, Teaching approaches


This systematic literature review examines the teaching approaches and challenges encountered in teaching English literature in Malaysia since its inclusion in the curriculum in 2000. Twenty articles and six systematic literature reviews from 2015 to 2022 were analyzed using the PRISMA review technique. The findings reveal various approaches employed, including information-based, paraphrastic, stylistic, language-based, reader response, and moral philosophical approaches. These approaches utilize different activities to engage students in literature learning. The review also identifies common challenges faced by teachers, such as students' attitudes, limited language proficiency, inadequate teacher training, and large class sizes. By addressing these challenges, educators can create a conducive learning environment with appropriate facilities to enhance the teaching and learning process of literature. This review aims to provide valuable insights to educators in improving literature education and achieving positive learning outcomes.